Verretubex is a company specialising in the transformation of tubular glass into vials, flasks and capsules for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and diagnostic industries.

5 M €
Growth capital
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François-Xavier HUILLE

With Capitem's help, we acquired the assets of the former Verretubex company in October 2014, under very difficult industrial, commercial and labour circumstances. We had to completely rebuild the company, which had a glorious past but slowly saw its performance decline and was eventually wound up by decision of the court in late 2013. Capitem, which provided much more than just financing, has been a trusted partner in supporting these long-term recovery efforts, through its encouragement, its insights and its enthusiasm in the actions taken. The Capitem team has always been present and available when key decisions were needed to again create value and breathe new life into the company, which now has the necessary equilibrium to return to growth. The Capitem team's contribution was therefore fundamental thanks to its experience of the company and its ability to listen and understand the circumstances and improve the prospects for the future.