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Stéphane Grès

Stéphane has 25 years of professional experience, including at Capitem Partenaires (8 years), CM-CIC Investissement and EPF Partners, renowned institutions in the French private equity sector.

Education: Advanced degree in accounting and finance and Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from EM Lyon

Philippe PRUVOT
Managing Partner

Philippe has 27 years of professional experience in the French Private Equity Industry, including 20 years as General Manager at Picardie Investissement, renowned institution in the Private Equity (North of France).

Education : Advanced degree in accounting and finance (DSCG)

Guillaume de Gottal

After gaining experience in consulting and auditing at EY, Guillaume moved on to private equity by completing an internship at Capitem Partenaires in early 2015 before being hired by the company.

Education: Grenoble Management School and George Washington University

Damien Gassies

Damien chose to support business owners, first by financing them while working at Banque Populaire and then by becoming an investor at Initiative & Finance.

Education: Master's degree in Business Valuation and Transfer from Université Lyon 2

Nicolas Chevalier

Nicolas completed his first experience in auditing and accounting expertise within an independent firm in Lyon. Then, he completed a last-of-studies internship at Capitem Partenaires and definitively joined the team at the beginning of 2019.
Education: Master of Business Assessment and Transfer from Université Lyon 2.

Baptiste Neyret

Baptiste’s first experience in market finance was at Oddo & Cie bank. He then moved on to private equity and, after completing an internship at Capitem Partenaires, became a permanent member of the team to increase the staff for the launch of the Capitem 2 professional private equity fund.

Education: Master 225 in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering from Université Paris-Dauphine

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