Founded in 1953 and located in Champagne-au-Mont-d’Or, near Lyon, SLAT is one of the European leaders in the direct current power supply market. The SME of 70 employees designs and manufactures power supplies equipped with a battery to ensure energy continuity for all applications for which this continuity is an essential element. The group’s strengths lie in their capacity for innovation (12 engineers at the R&D department) and the implementation of lean management on the component assembly part in 2013. The company also owns a sales subsidiary in Stuttgart (Germany) and a sales office in Breda (Netherlands). It distributes its products in around thirty countries globally for nearly a quarter of the business volume. SLAT is positioned in resilient markets (fire safety, video surveillance, access control) and high potential markets (smart city, medical) for a panel of 900 customers made up of OEMs, distributors and integrators. In 2018, the group shipped 10,000 orders for 50,000 items.

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