Created in 1991 and located in Marigny-le-Lozon (Manche), the Gaeau group is involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of a range of products intended to protect our environment in the water industry. From collecting to lifting or storing water, from regulating effluents to pre-treatments, the Gaeau group offers innovative engineering solutions for treating pollutants and recovering rainwater. The Gaeau group has grown thanks to a high-performance R&D activity and constant innovation, which allows it to occupy a leading position on the French market in the fields of pre-treatment, storage and recovery of rainwater. To control the entire life cycle of its products, the Gaeau group has been able to gradually invest in various industrial know-how: a rotational moulding unit for polyethylene tanks, and industrial boiler-making unit and a polyester manufacturing unit. The three operating subsidiaries of the Gaeau group, installed on an 8 hectare platform, form a real technopole allowing the pooling of skills and resources.

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