Created in 2010, the Arago Consulting Group is an expert in the implementation of the digital transformation of the HR function. As pioneer of « Cloud HR » in Europe, Arago Consulting is a major partner of the main vendors of HR SaaS and the first European partner of SAP SuccessFactors. The group is a leading player in the resale, integration and maintenance of the main market solutions: the HRIS (HR information system) with SuccessFactors, document management with PeopleDoc, expense report management with Concur, the management of external resources with SAP Fieldglass or the use of Machine Learning with IBM Watson. Historically based in France (Paris), Arago Consulting has rapidly spread out in several European countries, such as Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, and today, Germany. It also is a member of the ASA Global alliance, which allows it to have an international reach. Managed by Jean-Christophe Peaudeau and Yannick Raba, the group employs around one hundred people and achieved growth of 36% in 2018 with a consolidated turnover of € 12 million for a double-digit rate of return. The group’s clients include large CAC40 companies, mid-sized companies and SMEs, as well as public sector entities.

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Jean-Christophe Péaudeau & Yannick Raba
Managers of Arago Consulting

We met Damien when Capitem acquired a stake in the Arago Consulting group at the end of 2018. He immediately made himself available and now supports us in the group's structuring projects. He regularly finds himself in the front line in the realisation of acquisitions. With the support of Capitem, we have carried out several build-ups in Europe. We have established a real bond of trust with Damien, which is beneficial for the group's development. We appreciate his reliability, his honesty and his ability to listen.